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Utvikling Knife

Photo By Jeff Bowlin

This blade is made from premium VG 10 steel hardened to RC60. VG 10 is a stain-resistant steel witha high carbon content. The composition of VG 10 lendsitself to excellent edge-holding properties, as well as, a balance of toughness and stain resistance

The Damascus Utvikling comes with a custom Kydex sheath from Blade-Tech.

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Blade-Tech Sheath

Matching the versatility of the Utvikling is the custom designed Blade-Tech* Kydex* sheath.

1 Push your blade into the Blade-Tech sheath until you hear a click. You blade is secure without, straps, buttons, or buckles.

2 Use the two sets of spacers, screws, and to fasten the sheath to the mount. Experiment with mounting options till you find the best fit.

3 The mount can be adjusted to fit belts and straps of different sizes. Us a screwdriver to loosen and move the slider bar, but be careful not to overtighten.

4 To fasten the mount to a strap or belt, press both tabs on the mount, swing the mount open, slide the mount into position, and then close the mount until the two tabs click.

5 Slide the tab lock into position and you are ready to go.

*Blade-Tech and Kydex are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Blade-Tech Sheath

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